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MP² – Mládežnícky Parlament Prešova or Youth parliament of Prešov is informal youth group, which represents an initiative independent body of young people in relation to the Mayor of Prešov and Members of the City Council.

We are group of young people interested in the world around them. We initiate and organize events related to life in Prešov for youth. We cooperate with Slovak and foreign youth organizations … but mainly represent the interests of young people living or studying in Prešov.

For 8 years, there is the great place for active young people in Prešov.


Represent the interests of young people living or studying in the Prešov in relation to local government but also other institutions and organizations in the city.


Initiate and organize events for the young people in Prešov.


Establish cooperation with other youth parliaments, organizations and groups around the world.

European television Euronews report about Youth parliament of Presov and our project Mission Presov.